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>>>>>>>>>>>> RESOURCE CENTER <<<<<<<<<<<<

Welcome to the SUNDOG Ichiban School of Cartooning (and Hermetic Science -- shhhhh!), a school of one, birthplace and home of Mousashi ryu! Hai!

Our Mission is to turn pig iron into steel! Not by magic. By enthusiastic perseverance with steadfast commitment to the goal. Graphic novels, or bust! Osu! Bonzai!

Everything you need to start your studies, schedule regular practice, round out skills and maybe even get a job (!) is listed and linked below:

QUICK PICKS Updated 19 MAY 2018.
I salvaged the Quick Picks from the widget on my profile page and placed them in this literature post just to make sure that if something happens (i.e. like I give up core membership) you'll still have access to them - and so will I.  LOL.  These are books I'm always recommending, headed by what may be the most important of them, The NATURAL WAY TO DRAW.  A good many more resources including articles, 3D models, anatomy plates and art education material may be found at  I highly recommend exploring the site-map. Note that I am updating the lists with new books and materials all the time, so check back periodically.  
Kimon Nicholaides THE NATURAL WAY to DRAW (2 parts)
Five Books by Andrew Loomis:


1) Croquis Cafe -…

2) Draw This -…

3) New Masters Academy…


5) Quickposes

6) Figurosity

7) Line of Action


1) Comic Art Fans , online public domain comics at Comic Book Plus and Pappy's Golden Age Blogzine Diversions of the Groovy Kind…

2) John Kricfalusi's Handbook: lessons for layout and background artists:

3) Storytelling, Concept Art and Illustration Podcasts at


Learn Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio5

Gareth David, A Complete Beginners Guide to PS… See also his free online courses for Adobe Illustrator and In-Design

Aaron Blaise Intro to Photoshop

PhotoShop Brushes and Plug-ins

Color Acuity Test

Color Acuity Self-test…

Color Theory-Additive and Subtractive Models…

Color Theory Slide Show and Self-test…


PERFORMANCE PROFILE, CRITIQUE, LESSON PLAN, SKILL-TRAINING PROGRAM - all levels - by private consultation . . . er . . . maybe. But first you must pass THREE tests! Haha!


What I would point out is that it is all rhythm. Joe used barely more than the wrinkles, folds and creases in clothing to insinuate the...

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Above: L.) Bionic knee brace - "We can rebuild him." R.) P-90 Personal Defense Weapon

GUNTOPIA:  Last week I said we'd be doing a limited gun blog given my renewed interest in firearms, which was sparked by a need to carry a concealed weapon.  So, here we go.

Getting a license or concealed weapons permit is not simply a matter of tucking a gun inside one's waistband before leaving the house.  It's an awesome responsibility that weighs heavily every waking moment.  It changes one for the better.  At the same time it alters one's lifestyle.  One has to think ahead and train good habits to carry and deploy safely, efficiently, and effectively under varied conditions in defense of self and others.

I haven't carried since 2000, but, still, I carried.  So, this isn't exactly new to me.  Even so, it took about two weeks of carrying with the chamber empty before I could feel comfortable with the pistol cocked and locked.  From the tactical point of view cocked and locked (condition 1) is the most practical way to carry a 1911. Other ways are relatively unsafe because of the potential for unintended discharge (condition 0, condition 2), or because in an emergency the gun will require two hands to charge and/or load and charge (condition 3 and 4, respectively). *

Actually, the first thing I did after looping the LCCW around my neck ("don't leave home without it" applies to the license as well as the weapon") was buy new clothes.  There is something suspicious about a guy wearying ratty, torn jeans carrying a gun, so better look like a decent, law-abiding citizen, should the need to explain ever arise.** 
Of course, there are other lifestyle changes, such as finding and regularly using a practice range.  I'm still shopping around for one that is more than a bench range.  Membership at one with a senior discount costs about the same as a month of MMA, so that's great.  The real expense depends on how many boxes of ammo one uses per session, per day, per week . . . etc..   

As far as catching up on the technology and educating myself on laws, liability, etiquette, tactical thinking, etc., I burned out a couple of days ago thanks to Guntopia.  This is what my friends call it when they get together for show and tell.  One of them came with a giant tactical bag from which he produced more guns than a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat.  Along with different kinds of pistols in a variety of frame sizes and calibers he placed in my hands an AR15 and a PS-90.  The AR15 is the oft maligned civilian version of the military assault rifle; the PS-90 is the civilian version of NATO's P-90 - it falls somewhere between a pistol and carbine and is classified as a personal defense weapon (PDW). 

With the PS-90 it was love at first sight.  Hell.  It bears my initials!  But after a little research to bone up on PDWs I discovered the MP5 and MP7 and have to say my affections are divided.  Here's a question for you: if you had a PDW, would you really need a nightstand pistol - or want one?  LOL. 

BIONIC LEGS:  I swear, between the guns and the exoskeleton tech I feel like I'm becoming a character in one of my fiction stories.  High-tech weapons, bionic limbs - isn't this the stuff of novels and comic books?  And I get to use them for real.  Well, not yet, but we're working toward it.  I'll be seeing my orthopedist soon to discuss the Levitation.  That's the bionic knee brace (see video above).  This thing supports 40lbs of body weight (that's 80 lbs with one on each leg).  Athletes use them to enhance performance, and the disabled use them to walk.  We're awfully close to the M.A.N.T.I.S.  (Imagine the Sundog as a superhero.  LOL )  At 2k-3k a pop, they aren't easy to get hold of.  Add to that they're made in Canada, which can make it difficult going through insurance.  Still, it's here.  It's on the market.  


* Having to charge, or slide-cock, the gun may put one at disadvantage in a situation that disables or occupies one hand (i.e. when a dog or person grabs one of your arms).  Thanks to attending the Guntopia, I learned a way to slide cock a 1911 with one hand.  Learning this trick eased my mind about carrying in condition 3 (magazine loaded, chamber empty) when that is my preference.  It can certainly save one's life in an emergency.  However, it's not nearly as fast as flicking down a thumb safety. And fact is, once one adapts to cocked and locked - understands how it works and practices it, the initial (and warranted) sense of dread changes to dreadful confidence.  Does the tiger fear his teeth, his claws?  Not if he's learned to use them responsibly.   

**  For better or worse, the typical protocol when pulled over for a traffic stop, for instance, is to voluntarily and immediately inform the officer that one is carrying a concealed weapon.  


Spring Loaded Technology, Company website:… This is who makes the Levitation knee brace


Patrick (Sundog) Sharp
Artist | Varied
United States
In 1969, at age fifteen, while still recovering from the last in a series of operations on my leg for post-polio effects, I got my mother to drive me to CHARLTON Publishing Co. in Derby, Connecticut. There I showed my portfolio to the late George Wildman who offered me an entry-level position. The perks: learn from the best ("on your own time").

This was near the end of Charlton's hay days. They had Giordano, Ditko, Boyette and a bunch of other great guys (like Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez). But my mother said, "No!" (About 35 years later when I asked her why she wasted everyone's time bringing me to the interview if she had no intention of letting me work, she said, "I never imagined anyone would take you seriously." )

After that I got into wrestling and martial arts, motorcycles and girls, continued my education through graduate school, then started work in a "serious" profession. Nevertheless; in the mid 80s, I took a half-time position so I could write fiction and do a full time stint at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Fleischer Art Memorial. But, when push came to shove, I returned full time to Human Service and Psychology.

Some years back, I wiped the slate clean and decided to start over - to pick up where I'd left off as a teenager - to do graphic novels, or bust. That's where I am, now - BUSTED. . . BIG TIME! Nowhere to go from here, except up! ;) :icontailwagplz: :thumbsup:

Current Residence: Mt. Effort, (What an appropriate name!) Pennsylvania
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Loose, so, large
Favourite style of art: Scientific Illustration, Comic Book Illo, Genre Fiction Writing, Technical Writing
Personal Quote: 'From my weakness I drew strength that never left me.' - paraphrased from Borges


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